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We have the best collaborating window tinting companies in different provinces of the country. We are working to add more areas.

Our collaborating companies work with professional sun protection sheets with 10 years warranty and in some cases even more and they have the entire stock of colors and shades.


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MOON TINTING Why choose us?

We know how much you take care of your car, that is why we offer you the best window tinting installers in Spain, so you can choose the one closest to your city. Our extensive experience in the field and a careful selection process allow us to provide you with the service that you and your car deserve.

Our COLLABORATORS stand out for:

Quick installation

Our installation without disassembling anything from the car quickly, efficiently and taking care of the details will take us 1 hour in small cars and up to 2 hours in medium-sized cars.

Approved solar protection sheets

The approval of window tinting is a fundamental requirement for your vehicle to pass the ITV, it must also have the sticker that is on each of the windows between the film and them.

window tinting with 10 year warranty

We give our clients a 10-year warranty on the installed material as well as our work.

Personalized attention

We work by appointment to organize the work and be able to focus on tinting each car and explain all the details to take into account.

The best in sheets and vinyls

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Car window tinting

We have a variety of shades and qualities of solar protection films for cars, with a 10-year guarantee. Choose the one you like.

Sheets for buildings

Save energy and improve the comfort of your internal spaces thanks to our solar control films. We also have decorative, security and window films to cover other needs.



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tintado de lunas en Málaga, láminas homologadas

Car tinting / Premium films

Choose the best for your car

tintado de coches en Málaga, láminas homologadas

Window tinting / Approved sheets

Take care of your privacy and distinguish your car

laminado de cristales para edificaciones Málaga

Sheets for buildings

Increases thermal comfort and reduces energy expenditure

Window tinting in Spain &
Approved sheets for buildings

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You have doubts?

Frequent questions

In this section we answer some of the questions our clients most frequently ask us.

It is the application of an approved polyester sheet on the windows of a car. It can have different colors and shades but is usually used in black with its various gradations.

Solar protection sheets are designed to be installed in any type of vehicle that needs to limit the harmful effect of the sun's rays and be a barrier to reduce heat.

In each case it fulfills a specific function, depending on the use given to the vehicle and what it was manufactured for.

Tinting is usually used both in the sun protection of a car, as well as in trucks, vans or construction machinery used for work.

It is also used in leisure vehicles, such as boats, in order to darken the windows.

In addition, tinting fulfills the function of providing security, privacy, comfort and aesthetics.

Quick installation: The installation of solar panels It is done without disassembling anything from the car, which will lead to tinting the windows quickly, efficiently and without details.
We estimate the time to build a 3-door car can be 40 to 60 minutes, for a 5-door car it can take between 60 and 90 minutes, the same as for a van.
For large ATVs it can take approximately 2 to 3 hours. Something to take into account is the hygiene of the car, since if it is very old, it usually has much more dirt than a new car or is dirty, it may take longer to carry out the repair. window tinting.

The guarantee that the sheet has is against factory defects such as discoloration, creation of bubbles, peeling, etc. All Our sheets have a 10-year warranty

Our work or labor also has a guarantee of at least 10 years, against any defect in the installation.

The guarantee that the sheet has is against factory defects such as discoloration, creation of bubbles, peeling, etc. All the sheets we use They have a 10-year warranty.

Homologation is a fundamental requirement so that the tinting can pass the ITV of your vehicleIn addition to the seal on each of the windows between the sheet and these, the approval certificate for window tinting is issued. The legislation allows only the rear windows of the car to be tinted, with exceptions for people with diseases sensitive to sunlight, as well as official vehicles or protected users.

The shades of window tinting most used with the different graduations:

  • Clear: 30-35%
  • Intermediate: 75-80%
  • Dark: 95%

The sheets that are most used are black ones in an intermediate or darker shade since one of the most important objectives of these is the reduction of heat and glare.

We invite you to read our note: "The 5 benefits of window tinting" for more information.

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